Vlog: Join my table! Upcoming Faith and Nutrition Classes in May

Join Pauline Forshee in her debut vlog as she shares insights into her personal and professional journey. A Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist with over 30 years in ministry alongside her husband, Pauline brings a wealth of experience in health and nutrition. She discusses her battle as a two-time cancer survivor, her loving family, and her serene retreat—her lake and paddle boat where she finds peace.

In this vlog, Pauline introduces upcoming virtual classes for May, focusing on beneficial dietary approaches. She highlights the health advantages of plant-based and Mediterranean diets, referencing their historical roots and modern health benefits. These diets, she explains, can significantly improve heart health, lower blood pressure, manage weight, reduce cancer risks, and combat other health issues.

She invites everyone to explore these themes in her May classes, where she will also address managing and lowering blood pressure through diet. Passionate about the intersection of faith, health, and diet, Pauline encourages viewers to join her in these enlightening sessions, promising valuable takeaways for healthier living. Join Pauline’s table by signing up for a class and embark on a journey toward better health this May.


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