Self-Paced Nutrition Courses with Joy Rising Nutrition

Embrace the flexibility of learning on your own schedule with our on-demand courses.

There’s no need to rearrange your life to benefit from our faith-led, God-inspired nutritional teachings. Our online, self-paced classes are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy life, allowing you to participate and grow in knowledge and faith whenever it suits you best.

Unlock the Secrets to Managing Insulin Resistance, Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes!

Join us for an enlightening evening where Pauline, a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist, breaks down the three conditions. You will be empowered to take control of your health through well informed nutrition and lifestyle management and receive practical tips on nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

Price: $35

14 Days

Anxiety, Stress and the Role of Nutrition

Join us for an enlightening 2 video workshop where we explore how the foods God created and His word blend seamlessly to create an environment where we will go from surviving but thriving!

Price: $50

14 Days

Nutrition Basics: Find Your Balance!

Are you ready to take a step towards a healthier, more vibrant you? These classes are all about demystifying nutrition and making healthy choices feel accessible and enjoyable.

Price: $180

14 Day Access

Pauline painted a different picture for me.

“I recently attended a seminar that Pauline spoke at. I have attempted to lose weight in the past, but I am not consistent in my efforts. Pauline painted a different picture for me. It’s not about some crazy fad diet to try to lose weight. It is about changing your mind set from ‘dieting’ to making yourself the healthy and energetic person that you are meant to be. If I am giving up food that I like just to fit into a pair of jeans, I am not going to maintain that.

If I am adjusting my eating habits one small step at a time and pairing that with exercise to improve my health – that is something that I can stick with.

It also doesn’t mean never eating foods that I like. It is making small ‘treats’ while making healthy food choices for a majority of my diet. It will become a new way of thinking. She even took time to go to the grocery store with me to educate me on fruits and vegetables, and how to prepare them. I know I can maintain this new mindset to help my husband and myself be healthier people.”

Sarah M.


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