I was overweight and pre-diabetic...

“I started this year overweight, pre-diabetic with high cholesterol and no energy. Changes were definitely needed but where to start felt overwhelming. In the spring I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through surgery and radiation through the summer. More weight was gained and even less energy to address my health. All through my ordeal, Pauline just kept reaching out to me as an encourager and cheerleader. Pauline was there to give me some one-on-one advice about taking care of myself and not feeling overwhelmed.

I was also able to attend one of her workshops, and let me tell you, she is a fantastic teacher! Her passion for helping people find ways to baby step into healthy living shines through as she speaks.

Pauline gives very understandable lessons to approach making changes in your life. Her instruction and information combined with her desire to help really has made the difference for me. I have a long road ahead, but Pauline has given me a map that I know I can follow to better health!”

Autumn K.

Mrs. Forshee has a natural gift to clearly share her message and make you feel inclined to act upon her words of wisdom.

“It’s been such a pleasure to listen to Pauline speak in a number of platforms including YouTube videos and interviews with Keiser University staff and faculty discussing healthy eating tips with our students. Mrs. Forshee has a natural gift to clearly share her message and make you feel inclined to act upon her words of wisdom. I’ve seen her speak impromptu as well as give cooking show like presentations. All of which are quite entertaining. She makes you feel like family. I recommend Pauline as she knows how to keep her audience wanting more information about the topic and motivated to act upon her words.”

Leslie Haviland, M.B.A. M.Ed.

Live happier, healthier and longer lives.

“I was invited to go to a Seminar on ‘I am Good, You’re Good, Peach Pie is Great!’ I have found Pauline’s seminar to be extremely knowledgeable and informative about nutrition and anything to do with health and nutrition. She firmly believes in eating right and being healthy, thereby giving her clients the ability to quickly achieve and maintain their personal health goals and live happier, healthier and longer lives.”

Shellie Y.

Pauline has gone above and beyond for our daughter.

“Before meeting with Pauline, I was a desperate exhausted mom with a child with severe food allergies. My daughter was underweight and I felt completely helpless. I would frantically stay up at night trying to Pinterest different food options, but all of the things were complex or unsafe ingredients for her to have. After meeting with Pauline that all changed. I cried of relief. For the first time I felt hope.

Pauline has gone above and beyond for our daughter, sending recipes, researching ingredients that were actually inhibiting her appetite. Not only are the recipes or suggestions easy, but safe for my child! She loves them and is finally gaining some weight.

Pauline is the best thing that has happened to our family. We could not be more grateful to finally have help.”

M. Hofmeister

Our family will live longer and healthier because of Pauline.

“I am thrilled to share my heartfelt testimonial for Pauline at Joy Rising Nutrition. When our family first met her, we were stuck in unhealthy eating habits, and I worried about the impact on our children’s well-being and future. Personally, I struggled with weight issues throughout my life, lacking healthy eating habits since childhood.

Pauline’s approach is detailed and tailored specifically to her patients. This is not a cookie cutter nutrition plan. She listens and takes notes to understand exactly what your habits are, why you eat the way you do, what your lifestyle is like including work schedule, stress level, amount of exercise etc. Her approach is very much holistic and all encompassing. She is incredibly easy to talk to, and she never judged us. Instead, she encouraged us and made delicious yet nutritious meal recommendations. Her enthusiasm and love for what she does shined through every session.

Thanks to Pauline’s guidance, our lives have taken a positive turn towards a healthier lifestyle. I’ve already lost over 20 lbs without feeling hungry or depriving myself, and I look forward to shedding the remaining 20 lbs.

I wholeheartedly recommend Pauline as a nutritionist; she is truly amazing and has significantly changed our lives and our children’s lives for the better. We are forever grateful for her expertise and support.

Dr. RT

Changed my life after heart attack...

“Pauline held a seminar at our church, Big Bone Baptist Church (B3), in Union, Kentucky in December of 2021. I really enjoyed her presentation. After my heart attack in 2017 I needed to make significant changes to my lifestyle, and she helped me reorganize my eating habits. Unfortunately, I got off the wagon with the discipline and need to start back again. I am glad I attended her seminar in December of 2021. She made it clear I need to set small goals to have success. Her manner and way of holding the seminar was very easy to follow. She is very knowledgeable and full of awesome information. I truly think I can do it again. Thank you so much.”

Sabine D.

Pauline painted a different picture for me.

“I recently attended a seminar that Pauline spoke at. I have attempted to lose weight in the past, but I am not consistent in my efforts. Pauline painted a different picture for me. It’s not about some crazy fad diet to try to lose weight. It is about changing your mind set from ‘dieting’ to making yourself the healthy and energetic person that you are meant to be. If I am giving up food that I like just to fit into a pair of jeans, I am not going to maintain that.

If I am adjusting my eating habits one small step at a time and pairing that with exercise to improve my health – that is something that I can stick with.

It also doesn’t mean never eating foods that I like. It is making small ‘treats’ while making healthy food choices for a majority of my diet. It will become a new way of thinking. She even took time to go to the grocery store with me to educate me on fruits and vegetables, and how to prepare them. I know I can maintain this new mindset to help my husband and myself be healthier people.”

Sarah M.


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