“For goodness’ sake, eat the banana”

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June 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to my table! Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink and take a moment to sit and visit with me as I chat a bit about what will be happening this month! 💙
Caprese salad is oiled with olive oil.

The Health Benefits of a Bible-Based Mediterranean Diet

Discover how the Mediterranean diet aligns with biblical principles for a healthier lifestyle and practical tips to embrace this faith-based way of eating.
Featured image for "Understanding the 5 Basic Food Groups: A Guide for Christian Families"; mom, dad and daughter happily cooking with fruits and vegetables in the kitchen

Understanding the 5 Basic Food Groups: A Guide for Christian Families

Want to know which foods God encourages us to eat? This is what the Bible says about the 5 basic food groups and how to incorporate them into your diet.

May 2024 Newsletter

I am so excited to welcome in this beautiful month here in sunny southern Florida and to welcome each of you to my table!

Vlog: Join my table! Upcoming Faith and Nutrition Classes in May

Join Pauline Forshee in her debut vlog as she shares insights into her personal and professional journey.

Faith-Based Nutrition from a Christian Dietitian’s Perspective

I am so glad you have decided to take a moment and join me at my table!  I would love to share my thoughts about faith-based nutrition from a Christian dietitian’s perspective.

April 2024 Newsletter

I am proud to introduce the JRN monthly newsletter! Each month you can anticipate an exciting, informative newsletter delivered directly to your email box!


25 Bible Verses to Combat Stress & Anxiety

This free resource is designed to guide you back to peace through the wisdom of the Bible.

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